Our most Frequently Asked Questions

All of our services, both transactional and ongoing, are tailored to your unique goals and circumstances. This means we don’t have fixed price packages. The quickest way to find out if we’re a good fit is to call for a no-obligation chat.

We consider all necessary factors when choosing the right investment plan for you. This includes age, risk tolerance, and long and short-term investment goals.

From the beginning, we’ll be measuring and tracking your investment progress as it relates to bench mark standards. You can find out how your money is fairing at any time by logging into the easily accessible online platform.

Depending on your unique circumstances, we may meet several times per year or much less frequently. During our initial conversations, and while we’re still at the planning stage, we can devise a communication schedule. As our packages are all bespoke to your requirement, you can delegate as much or as little of your financial management.

Jeffrey Gouk Dip PFS Certs CII (MP & ER)

Jeff Gouk holds a Diploma and Certificates awarded by The Personal Finance Society and the Chartered Insurance Institute. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.

Richard O’Fee Chartered Financial Planner

Rick O’Fee is a Chartered Financial Planner, awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute, and a member of the Personal Finance Society.

The investments belonging to our clients are held in their own name and would not be affected if Hardy’s were to close. Hardy’s manages its resources, with a strong balance sheet, so that we can serve our clients “in fair weather and in foul”.

If Hardy’s decided to merge with another company it would be managed to ensure that our client’s interests would be safeguarded and continuity of service secured.